bonæ litteræ: occasional writing from David Rundle, Renaissance scholar


What follows are a few links to images on-line which supplement the discussions in the Codicology sessions of the Palazzo Rucellai course:

I: Libraries and Librarians — it is worth comparing an image of the ‘lectern system’ as used in the Biblioteca Malatestina at Cesena, built in 1452, with the ‘stall system’ at Hereford Cathedral Library, where the stalls, dating back at least in style probably to 1394,  survive. Note also, in the Hereford image, the frames at the end of the stalls for recording what books are kept in each section. For more information on their design, you might want to consult Clark’s Care of Books (in the bibliography) which is available on-line at the excellent Internet Archive site. As the concept of the manuscript anathema also comes up in this seminar, you might want to see an example of that — one which clearly did not work, as the book, from St Albans where a formulaic anathema was included in its twelfth-century manuscripts, had to be bought back from a later owner — Richard de Bury, bishop of Durham and known as the author of the Philobiblon. Finally, in this section you might be interested in the post where I provide an image of the possible location of Vespasiano da Bisticci’s shop.


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