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Lectures: English Humanist Scripts, up to c. 1509

In the autumn of 2013, I am giving a series of lectures related to my latest research project:

English Humanist Scripts up to c. 1509

(A series of lectures supported by the Lyell Fund)

David Rundle

 Thursdays, 5 pm (Michaelmas Term, Weeks 1-6)

Room 11, Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford


I (17th October): Humanism and Script, Humanism and England

II (24th October): English Humanism avant la lettre: the first decades of humanist book production in England, up to 1455

III (31st October): British Barbarians in Rome, and Scotland’s First Humanist

IV (7th November): The Dutch Connexion: the significance of Low Countries scribes from Theoderic Werken to Pieter Meghen

V (14th November): The Butcher of England and the Reform of Learning: the circle of John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester

VI (21st November): The Victory of Italic in English Diplomatic Correspondence


There will also be a masterclass on Monday, 18th November (6th Week) at 2:15pm in the Pitt Rivers Museum:

There and Back: travels between gothic and humanist scripts in fifteenth-century England.


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  1. […] full list of the titles of these lectures is provided on this site […]

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