bonæ litteræ: occasional writing from David Rundle, Renaissance scholar

Lectures given by David Rundle

What follows is a selective list of research papers I have given in the past few years, up to the end of March 2022, in reverse chronological order. It does not, for example, include lectures which have become publications. As with the other lists I have provided, it does not yet include anything forthcoming.

‘Print and Humanism, an Affinity? The Case of the Press in Fifteenth-Century Oxford’, Renaissance Society of America Conference, Dublin, 30th March 2022

‘A. C. de la Mare’s Unfinished Legacy’, The Legacy of Oxford Palaeographers, one-day symposium organised by Dr Colleen Curran and myself, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 21st March 2022

‘Instaurations: John Leland and the Progress of the Renaissance in England’, MEMS Research Seminar, University of Kent, 3rd February 2022 – see associated post

‘In Respect of Fragments: sixteenth-century English binders and manuscript “waste”‘, From Fragment to Whole Conference, University of Bristol, 19th September 2021 – see associated post

‘The Long Reach of Palaeography’, John Coffin Memorial Lecture in Palaeography 2021, University of London, 15th June 2021 – available online:

‘Forgetting – and Failing to Forget – Becket’, video for Canterbury Cathedral’s Thomas Becket Conference, 30th April 2021

‘Neil Ker and the Tradition of Studying Fragments in the UK’, Fragmentarium online Seminar, 23rd April 2021 – available online:

‘St Albans, Oxford and the fate of the Library of Humfrey, duke of Gloucester’, St Albans & Herefordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society public lecture, 19th January 2021

‘“The Fourth Will Last Forever”: ‘Bodleians’ before Bodley’, Oxford Library 700 Conference, Bodleian, Oxford, 16th September 2020 – available online at

‘Humanism in Fifteenth-Century England and the Continent: Vectors of Travel’, Séminaire franco-britannique d’histoire, Paris, 6th February 2020

‘How Books Die’, Canterbury Cathedral, ‘Art of the Lost’ Conference, 28th November 2019

‘The Unbearable Lightness of the “Archive”’, Dark Archives conference, organised by the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, Oxford, September 2019

‘From Archive to Ark: materiality in the library’, Conference entitled Early Modern Matters: materiality and the archive, UEA, 12th May 2019 – related blog post.

‘St Albans and the Cult of Humfrey, duke of Gloucester’, public lecture at St Albans Cathedral, 15 November 2018 – related blog post.

‘Pastimes with Pastedowns: Neil Ker, father of fragment studies’, Magdalen College, Oxford, 26 February 2018 – related blog post.

‘Robert Flemyng (c.1417-1483) and the Arrival of the Renaissance in Lincoln’, Lincoln College, Oxford, 7 February 2018.

‘The Renaissance in late medieval Canterbury and the Dialogue between Print and Manuscript’ – University of Kent MEMS seminar series, Canterbury, 16th November 2017

‘Corpus before Erasmus: the college’s place in the tradition of humanist learning’ – conference entitled ‘Renaissance College: Corpus Oxford at 500 years’, Oxford, 7th September 2017 – revised version to be published in History of Universities.

‘God’s City: the civic construction of the ecclesia in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries’ – plenary lecture, After Chichele Conference, Oxford, 30th June 2017

‘Humanist Script in England: the first ten years’ – London Palaeography Seminar, Senate House, 14th March 2017

‘“Law Padowe”: the English reputation of Padua before Shakespeare’ – opening lecture, Shakespeare and Padova conference, Padua, 9th June 2016

‘Between Philosopher and Joker: the international reputation of Poggio Bracciolini’ – Colloquium on Poggio Bracciolini, Bryn Mawr College, 10th April 2016

‘Slipping or Switching? Shifting scripts between humanist and gothic’ – Manuscript Masterclass as plenary lecture, Early Book Society Conference, Oxford, July 2015

‘The Renaissance in the North: Durham, York and the Fortunes of Humanist Script’, Durham Annual History of the Book lecture, 29th October 2014

‘The Victory of Italic in Diplomatic Correspondence: the case of England’, Birkbeck College, London, 2nd June 2014

‘Diffusione e uso delle miscellanee in Inghilterra’, Conference: L’écriture latine en réseaux, École française, Rome, March 2014

‘What is the point of a library without reading? The uses of books in late medieval culture’, University College, Cork, February 2014

‘Transfer, Transmission and Reception: thoughts from the fifteenth century on how ideas (fail to) spread’, Oxford History of the Book Seminar, December 2013 [summary on The Conveyor, Bodleian Special Collections blog]

‘The Story and the Book or the Story versus the Book’, Storytelling in Court and Cloister [SSMLL annual conference], York, November 2013

‘English Humanist Scripts’ – a set of Special Lectures supported by the J. P. R. Lyell Fund, Oxford, October-November 2013 [related posting]

‘There was an Englishman, a Scotsman and a Dutchman, Or What the Scripts of Italian Humanism Owed to the North’, The Fifteenth Century Conference, Christ Church, Oxford, September 2013

‘Divided by a Common Language? Being eloquent versus being understood in fifteenth-century Latin’, Conference on Latinity in the Post-Classical World, sponsored by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and held in the Vatican City, April 2013

‘Poggio as coda, not prelude’, Conference: Britain, Ireland and Italy: Cultural Exchanges, c. 1270 – c. 1400, York, January 2013
‘Veracity, Sincerity and Irony: eloquent humanists and the challenge of remaining honest’, Conference: Les Vecteurs de l’idéel: Verité, École française, Rome, December 2012

‘How Libraries Die, or what the fate of medieval manuscripts in early modern England can teach us’, University of Reading, June 2012 [related posting]

‘The English Hand in Rome: Barbarous Britons and the Renaissance Arts of the Book’, British School at Rome, March 2011 [related posting]

‘Beyond the classroom: international interest in the studia humanitatis in the university towns of quattrocento Italy’, University of Padua, April 2010

‘The Butcher of England and Renaissance eloquence: John Tiptoft, earl of Worcester and the adoption of humanism in Yorkist England’, University of Cork, December 2009

‘Humanism across Europe: the structures of contacts’, Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature Conference on Humanism in Fifteenth-Century Europe, Oxford, October 2009

‘English Light on Renaissance Humanism’, Conference: The Italian Renaissance and the British Isles / Il Rinascimento italiano e le isole britanniche, Isituto nazionale di studi sul Rinascimento, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze, October 2009

‘Reading and other uses of books to Humfrey, duke of Gloucester and John Tiptoft, earl of Worcester’, MA Seminar, University of York, March 2009

‘The British at school in Rome, c. 1450, or the barbarians’ role in Renaissance humanism’, Society for Renaissance Studies Rome Lecture, British School at Rome, Rome, February 2009

‘Reading and other uses of books: the libraries of Humfrey, duke of Gloucester and John Tiptoft, earl of Worcester’, University of York, March 2009

Un amico di Roscoe: William Shepherd and the first modern Life of Poggio (1802)’, Day Conference on ‘Roscoe and Italy’, Liverpool, July 2008 [related posting]

‘Civic Humanism: has the moment passed?’, Society for Renaissance Studies National Conference, Dublin, July 2008

‘Commerce in Ideas: England, the Low Countries and International Humanism, c. 1420s – c. 1530s’, ‘Trade and Ideas’ Conference, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 24th June 2008

‘Renaissance Unoriginality at the court of Humfrey, duke of Gloucester’, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Trinity College, Dublin, March 2008 (with palaeography workshop on following day)

‘The Butcher of England and Renaissance Arts of Book-collecting’, ‘Treasured Hunt’ Symposium on Manuscript Collecting, Free Library of Philadelphia, November 2007

‘A prince and his readings: findings from the margins of the British Library manuscripts from the collection of Humfrey, duke of Gloucester’, British Library Conference, 3rd July 2007

‘The uses of cultural patronage and the case of Humfrey, Duke of Gloucester’, research seminar, University of Leiden, December 2006

‘The International Trade in Manuscripts’, joint Royal Historical Society / Bibliographical Society Conference, London, November 2006

‘John Tiptoft and the Yorkist discovery of Renaissance eloquence’, RSA Conference, Cambridge, March 2005

‘Petrarch before Wyatt: his place in the early reception of humanism in England’, Conference on Petrarch, British Academy, November 2004

‘Civic humanism: a Baronial reaction?’, Late Medieval Europe seminar, Oxford, February 2004

‘Manuscript Collecting in the time of Thomas Bodley’, AMARC Conference on Thomas Bodley, Oxford, July 2002

‘Nobles and the Political Use of Book Ownership’, Conference on Late Medieval and Early Modern Court Culture, Groningen, September 2002

‘The Library of John Tiptoft: Tilly de la Mare and the Transformation of our Knowledge’, AMARC Conference in Memory of A. C. de la Mare, Warburg Institute, December 2002


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