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Two for the blogroll

Posted in Blogography by bonaelitterae on 18 August, 2008

Being a new inhabitant of this corner of the inelegantly named blogosphere, I am not yet fully acquainted with its geography. So far, I have encountered few sites whose primary interest is the Renaissance; the ever-useful Society for Renaissance Studies website provides a useful list.

In the absence of a large encampment of Renaissance cogniscenti, we are left flick-switching, so to speak and as so often, between ‘medieval’ and ‘early modern.’ In the latter category, I note that I have received an honourable mention on Early Modern Notes, which has its own very instructive resource of ‘blogsetc’. Moving in the other direction, the Digital Medievalist is the nom-de-plume — should that be nom-de-écran? — for an American Celtic scholar who also helpfully provides information not only on conferences and events in the real world but also of other medieval characters with a virtual existence.

If you know of any other sites which should be added to this ‘blogography’ for their assistance in providing access to a wider Renaissance universe, do enlighten me.


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